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Who Are We?

Nova Academy is the Caribbean's leading online education platform geared towards students preparing for CSEC Examinations. We provide a wide range of resources, including virtual online classes, private tutoring and past-paper guides, all designed to help you achieve the highest levels of success.

We are a group of dynamic young professionals from Trinidad & Tobago who have always wanted to pursue a career in teaching and academia. We have been lucky to have been taught and inspired by a number of mentors who have had a meaningful impact on our lives. Enthusiastic and devoted, we strive to pass on our love of learning to all of our students.

Our Mission

To educate and empower one student at a time.

Our Vision

To become a far-reaching online educational platform assisting students throughout and beyond the Caribbean region.

Our Motto


We aim to actively promote and encourage the development of critical/rational thinking skills as well as systematic approaches to problem solving.


Our top priority is to foster learning for all students at every level, by providing an easily accessible, user friendly platform that keeps students engaged and motivated to continuously expand their knowledge.


We aim to ensure the continuous holistic and academic development of our students, so that they can overcome the many challenges and obstacles they may encounter in any facet of life.​​

Meet The Team

Dr. Xavier Chapman

Darnell Gracen

Ezekiel J. Cudjoe

Zachary Soomai

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