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Ezekiel J. Cudjoe

Ezekiel J. Cudjoe is currently employed as a programmer in the local financial sector and is passionate about all things IT related.
He graduated with a BSc. Electrical & Computer Engineering (Hons) from the University of the West Indies and also holds an Associates degree in Computer Science.
A former student of Hillview College, he placed in the Merit List among the top 10 students in the Caribbean in the CAPE Unit 2 Computer Science exam.
Having taught adult computer literacy classes as well as tutoring a number of students in Information Technology and programming, he is eager to continue moulding the future generations of Computer Science students in hopes of creating a more technologically proficient society.

"I am enthusiastic to share my knowledge and passion for computer systems and programming with the next generation of students."
- Ezekiel J. Cudjoe

Ezekiel J. Cudjoe
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