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Job Description - Tutor

At Nova Academy, our Tutors are team members who facilitate 1 one 1 tutorial sessions in an online classroom on an as needed basis, as part of our Tutor Network.

Duties & Responsibilities

The duties and responsibilities of our Tutors are as follows:


Deliver 1 on 1 instruction to students for the subject area contracted to tutor.


Develop supplemental resources to aid in the delivery and reinforcement of knowledge delivered during tutorial sessions.


Monitor the progress of students and provide feedback to ensure understanding in subject areas.

Education & Experience

Suitable applicants should meet the following requirements:


Holder of a degree/ currently enrolled in a degree programme relevant to the subject area being applied 


Teaching/tutoring experience will be an asset


Competency in using digital software such as Microsoft Word, PowerPoint, Zoom and Google Classroom as delivery methods/platforms


Access to notes, presentation slides and other reference material in a digital format will be an asset

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